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My name is Marc De Tollenaere, I’m a freelance photographer, Leica Ambassador, and I live in Venice. Since some years I hold Photo Tours in Venice and Photowalk in Venice, but before this I studied photography with some of the greatest photographers of the international scene as David Alan Harvey, Alex Majoli (both members of Magnum Photos), Kent Kobersteen (photo editor at National Geographic), Bob Sacha (National Geographic), Antonin Kratochvil (ag. VII), Anders Petersen and Arno Minkkinen, and I published several books about Venice and its Region as well as on countless newspapers and magazines .
I started my activity in 2003, following the advice of Grazia Neri, the founder of the most famous Italian photo agency, seat in Milan, and under the guidance of a great Maestro: Gianni Berengo Gardin.

Professional since 2002, I published several books with Biblos for the series “From Veneto to Veneto” and two monographs “Venice on the edge of light”, Biblos 2007, and “Gondole”, Biblos 2009. After many trips and reportages in India I also published the book “Kolkata” in 2007. Distinguished photographer in the Day’s Japan World Photojournalistic Award in 2005 with the reportage made in Kolkata, India, “Children of the city of joy”.

Distinguished photographer in the Italian Professional Award in 2008 with the reportage on “Treviso Christian Centre”.

Since 2007 I am the face of the Manfrotto, Gitzo, Kata, National Geographic brands, I teach photography in the Manfrotto School of Xcellence and I help in developing new products. In Italy and abroad I was represented by the Grazia Neri agency of Milan, from 2005 until 2008.
I exhibited in Photokina 2008, in Photoshow Rome 2010, and in Bassano Fotografia 2011 together with Harry De Zitter and Douglas Kirkland. Since 2012 I holds photographic workshops for Leica, and in 2014 I joined the small group of photographers chosen to be the teachers of the Leica Akademie. Since 2009 I organized and held photographic workshops in India, Nepal, Vietnam, Iceland, Turkey, Cambodia, as well as in Photo Tour Venice.

In 2013, along with dozens of photography enthusiasts founded in Venice “Marco Polo Photographic Association” of which he is currently the President. From 2014 he is also brand ambassador Crispi, enjoy the outdoors.
In order to provide my Photo Tours in Venice with the best and most accurate organization, I obtained a regular license as Tour Leader in Venice (id Number 68299) and I can show this badge.

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