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Workshop Kathmandu (Nepal)

At the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal is a rich country for natural beauty, history and culture. Nepal has always held a certain fascination for me and the participants of my workshops, in fact I have already repeated 4 times! Whoever goes there will no longer be able to forget this country.

The beautiful Kathmandu Valley with its medieval sites, temples, houses and squares, street life in the wonderful Bhaktapur, with its narrow streets and artisans. Sometimes it seems to me to be back home, during a Photo Tour Venice. Bhaktapur was one of the three capitals of the ancient kingdoms of Nepal, and remained unchanged for centuries. Hidden alleyways branching off opening up into small squares, where the perpetually smell of incense wafts over everything. The dawn tour begins with the sprinkling of water on the faithfuls, and the tinkling bells of the temples flies in the sky and follows you wherever you go. If you go around carefully, you will discover incredible angles. The roaster of millet, for example, whoin a perforated by the sun’s rays hut continually rotates the wheel and empty sacks and sacks of millet on the oven. Every time I go into that place it seems to me like I was in the hell of Dante. But there we are always welcome. The paper factory and the workers, preparing by hand paper mache masks (how not to think of Venice and to its Carnival?). But we also visited the brick factory workers who, like ants, reassemble the bottom of the furnace with a heavy charged basket of bricks, on their shoulders.

A photographic journey that respects the pace of a country that preserves the most ancient Buddhist and Hindu tradition.

Children having their breakfast in Bakthapur, Nepal