My friend Pietro making a new work of art

This is my friend Pietro, working on one of his masterpieces. After making several casting, using an ancient technique: “a staffa” (stirrup), he puts all the different pieces together.

Here I had the chance to meet him while he was working and to take a picture right in front of him. The stirrup, also known as a “libro” (book) is a box filled with “French sand”, a very fine sand, in which the model is impressed. The brass is poured inside after the model is removed and the “book” is closed. His atelier and shop is in the picturesque Campo dei Mori, in the district of Cannaregio.

Picture taken with a Leica CL, and Vario-Elmar TL 1:3.5-5.6 / 18-56 ASPH. 1/30s, F/3.5, iso 1600.

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