The Orthodox Church of the Greeks in Venice

The Orthodox Church of the Greeks in Venice

The church and the churchyard of the Greeks

During the Photo Tour in the district of Castello, one of the most beautiful and fascinating of Venice, where still venetians live, we often find ourelves in this almost untouched Venetian corner: the church and the churchyard of the Greeks.

The bell tower is leaning and, together with the church dedicated to St. George the Martyr and the “scuola”, was constructed in the land bought by the Greeks in 1498. The word “scuola” usually means “school”, but in Venice instead, it usually comes from the Greek work ἐκκλησία, (ekklēsía) and it has the meaning of “assembly”, or “meeting point”.

Nowadays, the Greek community in Venice still meets every Sunday, and the ritual makes you go back in time, as it is always the ancient one and the sound of prayers and songs in greek is fascinating. 

Another reason why I am particularly attached to this church is because, during the celebration of the feast of the patron saint, San Giorgio martyr on April 23rd in a moment of pause in the choir, I had the readiness to recognize and to capture what I consider one of the most successful photographs of my career. A picture with many pictures inside and everybody seems in the right place in front of my camera.

When we leave the churchyard of the Greeks, to continue our Photo Tour in Venice, its seems impossible to believe that we are just two hundred meters away from the chaos of Saint Marco’s square!

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