Mes Livres

I started publishing photographic books about Venice in 2007 and I am now on a great project about Venetians that will be published soon!

I started publishing photographic books in 2007, with Biblos. My first book was “Venice on the edge of light”, a four-year journey, trying to catch the best light, just after dawn or before sunset. It was presented to the public and the press in the prestigious Café Florian in San Marco’s square. For the presentation of the book was chosen an essay by Giorgio De Chirico:

«Venise est quelque chose de détaché de la vie italienne, ou plutôt terrestre. C’est un autre planète, n’est-ce-pas ? Elle fait penser au rêve. Ce que j’ai toujour aimé de Venise c’est le ciel. Les cieux, plutôt. Parce que cet espace si insolitement vaste que l’on voit de la Riva degli Schiavoni change à toute heure du jour. Ce sont chaque fois des cieux d’un monde différent. Dans aucun autre endroit on ne voit des cieux comme à Venise. Je crois que Venise est une ville surtout consacrée par le Destin aux hommes exceptionnels... »

You can buy this book directly from the editor, following this link: Buy Venice on the edge of light

Two years later I published “Gondole”, and I was very surprised to discover that no one had ever thought before me to publish a photo book about the most famous boat in the whole world, the gondola, and the reason probably is that not even Venetians themselves can know everything hidden behind the construction of this boat, as it is not only made up of wood but iron, brass, varnish, fabric too.

You can buy this book directly from the editor, following this link: Buy Book Gondole

Professor Alvise Zorzi, in his beautiful presentation, in a passage writes:

“Only those who have experienced the sensation of rowing atop the high board on the stern on which the gondolier stands out against the skyline like the statue of Fortune of the “Dogana da mar” can understand the heady sensation it creates, the infinite range of emotions it opens up. Rowing a gondola is no easy task, however, and even experienced gondoliers can find themselves dashed into the water due to a treacherous, unexpected movement of a headstrong filly the gondola can prove to be.”

Another photographic work lasted years, always in collaboration with the publisher Biblos, covers all the provinces of the Veneto Region. In the preface of the book “Journey in the Venezie”, you can read:

“The Veneto region is a land of images; it is rich in all that beautiful images can add to the life and consciousness of a man. The imperceptible values of a cultivated plain, laid out like a huge garden, form a single whole with simple houses in which stone, color and even the atmosphere itself speak of the perfection of construction and purpose.”