Discover Cannaregio

THE DISTRICT OF UNEXPECTED: Discover Cannaregio with this Photo Tour

Venice is not just the marvellous city we all know. It was a melting pot, a meeting point of different cultures, civilizations and traditions. So, a few steps away from the main street and its busy market, you’ll find yourself into a completely different atmosphere: the Jewish Ghetto.
Thanks to this Photo Tour, you can explore its tall buildings and quiet squares and, just across the canal, again a sudden change of landscape: the Maure’s palaces. Their stone heads staring at you from the corner of the wall, their camel telling a story of long journey from Orient. Here were, and still are, the Maures’ palaces, decorated with memories of happy or sad events of their adventurous lives.

Cannaregio has a double face: it’s one of the most crowded districts, because of the main street that goes from the train station as far as the Rialto bridge. But it can also be the district of the unexpected, like the workshop of an old blacksmith or the shop of the junk dealer. The carver making the decorations on the traditional boats and the foundry for the brass seahorses you will see on every gondola.
Come and see it! Discover Venice and the hidden gems of Cannaregio with this Photo Tour.

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