Workshops have always been the best way to learn and to test your skills.
Any days or weeks spent around the world with students are an excellent opportunity for me to give advice and also to learn.

Until now we have been in India, three times in Nepal, Vietnam, Iceland, Cambodia, Turkey, and every time we came back with the satisfaction of having “seen and heard”.

Not a superficial view, but the time and opportunity to get in touch with the people of the place, studing gestures and habits.

Here are some photos taken by me and my students.

Workshop in India, Kolkata.

There no place in the world that moved me more than Kolkata, in India. Have a look at my pictures and you will understand why. In Kolkata every corner is a picture and the danger here is to be too obvious….

Workshop in Nepal.

The medieval sites of the wonderful valley of Kathmandu where life remained unchanged for centuries. A photographic journey that respects the pace of a country that preserves the most ancient Buddhist and Hindu tradition. The temples, houses, and squares, the street life of the beautiful Bhaktapur, with its narrow streets and craftsmen, will give you unforgettable emotions.

Workshop in Cambodia.

The magical temples of Angkor, but not only. Cambodia is astonishing especially for his campaigns, his stilted villages, its rivers, and its pagodas. A photographic journey in a country risen from the war that preserves ancient gestures and habits.

Workshop in Vietnam.

The stunning Halong Bay, among the myriad of islands rising from the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. But most of all ethnic minorities in the north: Thai, Muong, H’mong, Dzay, which remained isolated for centuries and that retained ancestral customs.

Workshop in Iceland.

A territory in constant transformation, an “alive” land. Iceland made environmental protection one of the main foundations of its culture. The photographic journey is characterized by a circular route and a few trips inside the island to offer you a complete view of the landscape and the features of this incredible and fascinating land. Unspoiled nature and unique emotions for an unforgettable photographic workshop.

Workshop in Istanbul.

A workshop of street photography, in a city with an extraordinary historical value. We will visit the places that represent the most authentic face of Istanbul, markets, artisans, and especially the beautiful western districts. Getting lost in this maze, ignored by mass tourism, it will be an unforgettable photographic experience!